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user manual

Product overview

Setting program is a program that sets the controller to be most optimized for the classroom environment and user's usage after the Smart Controller is installed.

In addition, the user can change the settings at any time if desired.

Product Features

Function to set the operation status of all equipment connected to the controller at start/end
HDMI EDID setting function: AUTO / Port #1 / Port #2 / 480p / 720p / 10180p
Projector (all manufacturers) protocol auto input and direct input function
Electric screen / Elevation operation time arbitrary setting function
Additional protocol input available for extended control of AV equipment
RTC (Real Time Clock) function: All equipment can be turned off when the lecture end time is set
Phantom Power 48V ON/OFF can be set
•Sound setting function: 10Band EQ control (Graphic Equalizer or Parametric Equalizer)
•Network setting function: interlocking with integrated management system
Program update setting function


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< RTC function (All equipment is OFF when setting the end time) >

< Sound EQ control function (Graphic / Prametric EQ) >

< Setting the operation time of the electric device >

< All equipment operation status setting at start/end >

< All equipment operation status setting at start/end >

< HDMI EDID Settings >

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