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in the midst of many adversity

Without your attention and love

There was no current Bosung Electronics.

40 years of running with passion alone.

Bosung Electronics started, but now you are making Bosung Electronics.
Don't be arrogant, listen more to your heart, don't lose your original mind

We will always strive to become a forward-looking Bosung Electronics.



Since its foundation in 1981, Bosung Electronics has pioneered an unrivaled field in the field of integrated audio/video control for the past 40 years.
Pursuing the best value for customers, challenging and creating a new world, and Jeong-Do management that does not waver under any circumstances

It is the purpose that all of our executives and employees are aiming for, and it is also the reason for our existence.
Bosung Electronics Co., Ltd. promises perfect integrated control and A/S based on advanced technology and experience.
Bosung Electronics will strive for growth and satisfaction through the development of the best products based on excellent talent cultivation and new technology.

We will devote ourselves together with our customers to realize an information society.

It is for this reason that the fire of Bosung Electronics does not go out 24 hours a day, and doing so is the reason that Bosung Electronics has built up its reputation.

This is because we believe that it is a reward for our customers.
I will work harder. Thank you for watching and sending your unwavering support.
Good luck all the time.

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