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user manual

Product Features

Control Pad: 7-inch LCD touch
Connect up to 4 HDMI sources to 2 HDMI displays
Full HDCP compatibility
EDID Expert: Select the optimal EDID setting for high-quality display
High resolution video support – 480p, 720p, 1080p (1920x1080): up to WUXGA (1920x1200)
Microphone audio can be embedded in HDMI output
Seamless Switcher function: No delay time when switching screens
MATRIX function support: It is possible to output the selected input source from the two HDMI outputs to a different screen or the same screen
• 4-split screen possible: 4 input sources can be output in 4-split screen
Built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Chip
Parametric EQ support: Individual audio of Mic 1 and 2 can be perfectly adjusted with Parametric EQ
RTC (Real Time Clock) function: Off reservation time can be set
Emergency broadcast linkage possible in case of fire: EXT.S/W
Manual control possible from the front part of the main body
Control 2 projectors and control 2 electric devices
Extended control terminal: RS-232, RS-485, relay 1 channel each / DC 5V output
Built-in USB, LAN hub function / Built-in computer power control board
Interlocking with central integrated control program (Smart Manager) is possible (Option)


control pad

Control Pad (Basic Optional)

* The control pad can be selected as a tabletop type or a flush type.


< Tabletop type >


< Wall Mounting >

Control Pad (Advanced) - Optional


basic configuration


Product specification

model name



control touchpad

7-inch LCD Touch (selectable capacitive touch control pad)

HDMI input

4 x HDMI Type A Female

HDMI output

2 x HDMI Type A Female

video resolution

480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (1920x1080); Up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

audio input

PC, Laptop(3.5mm Stereo x 2)

audio output

Stereo RCA L/R x 1


10Band EQ / Graphic Equalizer, Parametric Equalizer

(Mic 1, 2 individual EQ can be adjusted)

microphone input

Mic 1 (Phantom 48V), Mic 2 (each channel Bass, Middle, Treble)

extended control port

RS-232 x 2 (LAN terminal, D-sub 9p), RS-485 x 1, RELAY x 1 (Euro Terminal),

DC 5V (Euro Terminal)


1Port (Euro Terminal) / EM signal interlocking (blocking audio other than emergency broadcasting in case of fire)

PC control port

1Port (RJ-12) – PC power control board provided as standard

manual control switch

Manual control LED S/W x 10 button on the front of the main body (used when the touch control pad is defective)

Projector Control

RS-232 control or IR control

powertrain control

Electric Screen, Electric Elevation (Up/Stop/Down)

USB hub

PC, Laptop, Tablet, Keyboard, Mouse

LAN hub

In, PC, Laptop

digital amplifier

SIC-3100: X

SIC-3100A: 60W, 8Ω

Remote control (Option)

Network-based integrated control / remote control / monitoring of each classroom, reservation function

power used

SIC-3100 : DC12V

SIC-3100A : DC24V

Product size/weight

428(W) x 280(D) x 88(H)mm / 2U(19 inch Rack Type) / 3.8Kg

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