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Product overview

NMS-LiTE+ is designed for small enclosures and has a function to automatically recover network devices applied to the enclosure.

Product Features

Designed for small network camera enclosures
Automatically control by checking the status of various connected network devices
The power of the desired device can be directly controlled from a remote location
It can be used with door opening and closing by providing its own sensor input port
It can be used with other devices by providing a contact output port
You can check the temperature and humidity inside the enclosure by connecting a temperature and humidity sensor
Real-time monitoring of the status of the inside of the enclosure and connected cameras

Product specification

model name


network input

RJ45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, Auto-Negotiation

socket for power control

3 channels (AC220V 1.5A for each channel)

sensor input

1 channel (NC / NO selectable)

contact output

1 channel

temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature: -40 ~ 99℃ / Humidity: 0 ~ 99% (optional)

Operating temperature/humidity

0 ~ 50℃ / 80% RH or less

Power used / Power consumption

AC220V 60Hz / 5W

Product size/weight

311(W) x 88(H) x 56(D) mm /  1.5 kg

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