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user manual

Product overview

MCU-1000 consists of a 7-inch LCD touch screen using an aluminum frame and a main body.

Product Features

Control Pad: AL tabletop 7-inch LCD touch
Beam projector RS-232 control
Electric screen and elevation control (Up / Stop / Down)
Extended control terminal: RS-232, RS-485, Relay
Extended control module power output: DC5V
Built-in USB, LAN hub
• EXT that can interlock with fire safety standards EM signals. Built-in S/W
Built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Chip
Parametric Equalizer support: EQ can be adjusted individually for Mic 1 and 2 audio
Phantom Power 48V On/Off can be set
Basic card for computer power control
Interlocking with central integrated control program (Smart Manager) is possible (Option)

basic configuration


Product specification

model name


touch pad

7-inch LCD Touch (aluminum tabletop type)

audio input

3.5mm Stereo Jack x 2

audio output

Stereo RCA L/R x 1


10Band EQ / Graphic Equalizer, Parametric Equalizer

(Mic.1, 2 individual EQ adjustment possible)

microphone input

Mic1 (Phantom 48V), Mic2 / (each channel Bass, Middle, Treble)

serial port

RS-232 x 2 (RJ-45, Euro Terminal), RS-485 x 1 (Euro Terminal)

relay port

Relay x 1 (Euro Terminal)


1Port (Euro Terminal) / Fire emergency broadcast linkage

PC control port

1Port (RJ-12) – PC power control board provided as standard

DC power output

DC 5V (Euro Terminal)

powertrain control

AC220V / Electric Screen, Electric Elevation (Up/Stop/Down)

USB hub

PC, Laptop, Tablet, Keyboard, Mouse

LAN hub

In, PC, Laptop

Remote control (Option)

Network-based integrated control / remote control / monitoring of each classroom, reservation function

power used


Product size/weight

428(W) x 250(D) x 44(H)mm / 1U 19 inch Rack type / 2.9Kg

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