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Product overview

The IBL series electronic tutoring system is a mass-produced product using a mold and is made of FRP, a hardenable reinforced plastic composite material.
It is a semi-permanent electronic teaching table with a lightweight design, easy portability, and excellent corrosion and durability.

Product Features

International standard 19-inch Rack Type, All in One Console
Console: Mass-produced product by mold, ALL reinforced plastic FRP material
Full product High Luster coating treatment
22-inch FULL HD Optical Touch Monitor
Writing software (i-Point Plus)
Monitor motorized angle adjustment (0-90 degrees, adjustable by 7-inch LCD touch to the desired angle)
Securing monitor stability by attaching a magnetic sensor to the upper sliding door
Smart HD Controller : All-in-One Controller (Full HD/HDMI)
Touch control pad: 7 inch LCD touch
One-touch start/end lecture
Simultaneous control of 2 beam projectors
Electric screen, Elevation Up/Stop/Down control possible
•Audio 10Band EQ support: Mic 1, 2 simultaneous EQ control
Condenser gooseneck microphone provided (for Phantom 48V)
External input terminal block (Power, HDMI, USB, LAN, 3.5Stereo)
Fixed attached to the top right of the lecture gooseneck microphone
External input terminal is fixedly mounted on the top of the body 19-inch rack
Computer power control board provided as standard
Electronic teaching table with movable wheels
Interlocking with central integrated control program is possible - Option

18.05.02 YNK-보성전자04865.jpg

① Alignment of control pad and mouse pad

Arrange the control pad and mouse in a straight line on the front of the monitor for easy access

IBL-정면 복사.jpg

② Monitor hydraulic type manual angle adjustment

The angle of the monitor can be adjusted to the angle desired by the user

(up to 90 degrees)

18.05.02 YNK-보성전자04850-2.jpg

③ External input terminal

USB and HDMI input for laptop use

Product specification

model name

IBL-22HD /  IBL-22HA /  IBL-22HPA /  IBL-22HAW

classroom body

19 inch RACK Type / All Console Reinforced plastic FRP material (Mold mass-produced product)


22-inch optical hand touch


Smart HD Controller

control pad

7-inch LCD touch (Monitor motorized angle adjustment in touch menu)


HDMI 4-In, 2-Out

Projector Control

RS-232 control or IR control

powertrain control

Electric SCREEN, Electric ELEVATION (UP / STOP / DOWN)

Contact Control Port

RELAY x 1 (Euro Terminal)

Extended Control Port

RS-232 x 1, RS-485 x 1

microphone input

MIC1 (PHANTOM 48V), MIC2 (each channel BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE)

PC Control Port

1Port (RJ-12) – PC power control board provided as standard

wired microphone

Condenser Gooseneck Microphone / Phantom 48V

wireless microphone

IBL-22HD /  IBL-22HA /  IBL-22HPA:  X

IBL-22HAW:  900MHz, 1CH


IBL-22HD:  X

IBL-22HA: 60W, 8Ω

IBL-22HPA /  IBL-22HAW:  160W, 8Ω


IBL-22HD:  X

IBL-22HA : 30W x 2

IBL-22HPA /  IBL-22HAW:  50W x 2

writing software

i-Point Plus

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